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Are You Thinking of Playing or Teaching Guitar?


Video by Neil @ Vidoo Film TV & Video Production - || Music by Mick Hutton

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Video by Neil @ Vidoo Film TV & Video Production - || Music by Mick Hutton

All The Tools You Need
To Get Your
Guitar Playing
Journey On The Road

If you are someone that has struggled to teach yourself guitar and gets overwhelmed with all the Free content online then This Book! clears your Path,Encourages You to Finally Focus on that Vision
you have been dreaming about for years, Fuels your Drive and Motivation by Busting All the Myths surrounding Learning The Guitar and gives you the Tools to Play literally 1000's of Songs


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The eBook also comes with a special offer to purchase the companion online course which details the 6 elements of the book with video instruction which brings the book to Life! Not only that but you are also invited to join the 'Imagine Playing Guitar' Community where you can find continued support and encouragement to help you continue your Guitar Playing Journey both through the book and afterwards . I am behind you all the way.

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My Name is Michael Hutton and I help people to conquer their struggle to play or teach guitar through achievable goals
and encouragement so they can stay focused on their vision and 'Live Their Dream'

Introducing - Do Anything You Wanna Do NOW!

My Passion is centred around music and playing the guitar but in particular beginners or those struggling or stuck in a rut, For me it was playing through my first song but my message is that you only need ONE song highlighting all the core elements to show you the path to 1000’s of songsand believe you can achieve it. I believe and from my own experience that getting over that 1st hurdle in anything you are passionate about createsa self belief, drive and motivation to jump the other hurdles you are going to face. That said it can be much harder to implement than merely say it so my programs are designed to support you every step of the way, so you never feel out on a limb and can always turn to someone for help,advice, feedback, support or just a friendly chat or share a thought, opinion or snippet of wisdom.

When I asked my 6-Year old Grandson what he thought I did he said:

"Grandad plays guitars so teaches people and helps take their minds off other things"

(This was asked and quoted at the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic during the lockdown)


Ann - Private Ukulele Student 2020

I have never thought of myself as musical and never thought I would be able to play a musical instrument. How wrong I was!

I recently took up the challenge of learning to play the ukulele and started online lessons.
As I make progress, playing the ukulele brings me joy and great satisfaction. It is a great tonic- much needed in these challenging times. - Ann, Health Care Practitioner

Rob - Private Guitar Student 1980's

When I speak about my musical pursuits I still tell the story of auditioning for a band, not knowing any songs and handing you the burden of teaching me a sets worth of songs in a few months!

I often look back on where I came from and who the major influences were in my life and you are among them. - Rob, Followed his dream at the guitar institute in California where he still lives with his family and sharing his time between playing guitar and a very commendable job fighting the wildfires as a pilot.  


Adrian - Private Guitar Student 2020

Adrian is a retired schoolteacher and is living his dream by finally realising a lifetime ambition to play guitar

Jenny - Training & Transactional Analysis Coach 2020

I have just attended a really informative webinar about using Zoom to deliver my Excel training sessions.  Very timely, given the current situation.  Mick explained things clearly and has given me several ideas to take forward.  Thank you Mick!

Jenny Labbett (

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