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My Name is Michael Hutton


 I help people to conquer their struggle to play guitar through achievable goals and encouragement so they can stay focused on their vision and 

'Live Their Dream'

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Introducing - Do Anything You Wanna Do NOW!

My Passion is centred around music and playing the guitar but in particular beginners or those struggling or stuck in a rut, For me it was playing through my first song but my message is that you only need ONE song highlighting all the core elements to show you the path to 1000’s of songs and believe you can achieve it. I believe and from my own experience that getting over that 1st hurdle in anything you are passionate about creates a self belief, drive and motivation to jump the other hurdles you are going to face. That said it can be much harder to implement than merely say it so my programs are designed to support you every step of the way, so you never feel out on a limb and can always turn to someone for help, advice, feedback, support or just a friendly chat or share a thought, opinion or snippet of wisdom. 😀

When I asked my 6-Year old Grandson what he thought I did he said:

"Grandad plays guitars so teaches people and helps take their minds off other things"

(This was asked and quoted at the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic during the lockdown)

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Guitar Lessons

When I finally played my 1st song on guitar it changed my life, I could do something I had never dreamed possible and I wanted to give others that feeling which is why I started teaching guitar over 40 years ago. 

"Imagine Playing Guitar"

Health & Wellbeing

Guitar Playing made me feel great but it did more than that, it picked me up when I had no confidence and low self-esteem.

Playing guitar is a powerful healer and you can experience that too - Right here

Our Communities

When I was learning to play guitar I often struggled to get the support and feedback to move me forward and I have always remembered that so my answer is my online communities for guitarists and other musicians to hang out, share experiences and give support and feedback to each other 

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