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Everything you need from Hints, Tips, Communities and Courses relating to Playing or Teaching Musical Instruments and Recording Music, All designed to help YOU on the road to realising your Dreams!

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Introducing - Do Anything You Wanna Do NOW!

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Who am I and what is My Mission?

My name is Mick Hutton and I have been teaching guitar for over 40 years.  I am also a member of the Registry Of Guitar Tutors at the London College Of Music. In that time I have also been a trainer in the financial sector supporting clients worldwide for over 20 years.

My Mission is to Show You that You Can

Do Anything You Wanna Do, Fulfil Your Dream and Live Life To The Full

Just Starting Out or Stuck in a Rut?

One thing that has resonated right through my career is Getting Started, Introducing people to something new and encouraging them to believe they can master what it is they are trying to achieve.

Now firmly back in my musical domain Magic Media Street was created primarily to address these issues when learning to play or teach a musical instrument  as well as getting started in recording your own music. 

Based in Suffolk, England we offer Tuition and Recording Services in and around the Suffolk area.  We pride ourselves on having empathy with beginners and those finding it a challenge to move forward and most local lessons and services are offered in your own home or preferred location although we do have a small studio to accommodate lessons and recordings. 

Just Starting Out as a Band/Artist? 

It's such a buzz getting a band or act together, booking your first rehearsal to dreaming of conquering the world but things can soon turn sour if the rehearsals don't seem to be going anywhere and you have no real direction, band members get despondent and start to drift away.  It's at this point that you can just feel like giving up but another valuable service we offer is Band Mentoring so locally we can come to your rehearsals and offer some advice on making your time more productive, pointing you in the right direction and getting the motivation and excitement back again.  Any we offer this service in our own studio or at your preferred location.

Spreading Our Wings! 

To further support our local clients and offer our services further afield the "Do Anything You Wanna Do" brand was then created to support the online "Imagine" Series which currently includes "Imagine Playing & Teaching Guitar"' and "Imagine Recording Music" as, if my own musical journey is anything to go by, these both go hand in hand.  Other Instruments may be covered in the future.  

The Centrepiece of this service is the 

"Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre".  

Although its title suggests it is dedicated to guitar players it actually incorporates "Imagine Teaching Guitar" and "Imagine Recording Music" as previously mentioned they are all related and members could generally be interested in some or all aspects.  Other instrument players and teachers are also welcome as I'm sure we all have something to bring to the table and hopefully take away as well.

Although in its infancy the community centre sets out to provide a meeting place for all of us to share ideas, hints and tips as well as provide a place for teachers to start or expand their online teaching business and students to have the choice of a wide range of teachers and styles to help further their own musical journey.  

As well as an exciting and vibrant forum and meeting place, the "Community" also offers FREE access to teaching and learning resources to help serve your requirements.  

As this is Your Community we welcome comments and suggestions for other topics and services you would like to see and will do all we can to make your musical journey as rewarding as possible.

Focus Now on your 20:20 Vision - We'd Love To Have You Onboard and Together We Can Realise Our Dreams!

As a regular paying Local Student  you will be given FREE access to this as part of your ongoing tuition support for as long as you are enjoying one of our paid services which includes online, Skype, Facetime services as well as 1-2-1 Lessons, recording or band mentoring.  Just request access when you start your lessons.

For anyone not local or currently using one of our regular services Subscription to the "Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centreis JUST £5.00 (GBP) per month and to help get our community up and running there is currently a FREE Trial period of 30 Days and with No Contract you can unsubscribe anytime within that period so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

The Bigger The Community - The Better The Community!

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Do Anything You Wanna Do NOW!

Focus Now on Your 20:20 Vision to "Do Anything You Wanna Do NOW!"

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