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When we start out we can feel alienated with nowhere to go.  You have a Dream to 'Do Anything You Wanna Do NOW!' but YOU or those around you don't have any faith in your ability.

Some of you can kick your own butt and get into gear, maybe now playing and have experiences to share, some like I was it took a long time or maybe you haven't got out of the gate yet and need to get motivated!

When I was starting out I had a good circle of friends but not looking to be musicians so it was difficult to bounce off ideas or practice with them as they just weren't in the same place.

Gradually I got myself out there and started networking with other wannabe guitarists but it was a slow process.  Back then we didn't have the Internet and the technology that we now take for granted but it's only of any use if used effectively so that's why I created a place where players and teachers can communicate. 

The "Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre"


Learning guitar to me gave me untold confidence and a career of my choosing plus life skills that took me all over the world. In short it was life changing.

As a youngster I lacked self-confidence which affected all aspects of my life both socially and professionally so learning to play the guitar then using that skill, meant that i was doing something others only dreamed of which attracted positive attention. Learning to stand up in front of an audience further built my confidence which helped in both socially and in things like job interviews. Later when i chose to make music my job both playing and teaching I learned more about other peoples needs and requirements and how to appreciate others and empathise with their needs and requirements. Being in Bands took me all over the UK and Europe playing a wide variety of venues and functions, a dream come true!

Moving on armed with only 2 O’Levels (GCSE’s) Grade 5 Music Theory and Teaching Certificate (from a weekend course) I secured a position in a Global Commercial Bank travelling Europe and beyond training on their software systems to high profile financial institutions.

Now I am back into music with private and online tuition and support and loving it but the most rewarding aspect of it all is the wonderful people I have met along the way, many of which have become life long friends. This has to be the biggest and most life changing aspect of the whole journey. People Make People! Do it!!

You can find out more by clicking on the link below but your experience and opinions are likely to be common in many so I would really love to hear a bit about you and if there is any way we can help or what aspects of learning you find challenging and would like to see more content on .  So..

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