Struggling to Kickstart Your Guitar Playing with Teach Yourself books and YouTube videos?

Stuck In A Rut trying to find a way to move forward?

You Don't Believe you are qualified to Teach Guitar!

People Telling You to Forget Your Dream and Get a Proper Job!

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

If you are anything like me then I've been through them all

You can feel alienated with nowhere to go.  You have a Dream to 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' but those around you don't have any faith in you.

That's why I have created The "Imagine Playing Guitar Community Centre"

Your Own Private Online Community Centre for Guitar Players and Teachers

When I was starting out I had a good circle of friends but not looking to be musicians so it was difficult to bounce off ideas or practice with them as they just weren't in the same place.

Gradually I got myself out there and started networking with other wannabe guitarists but it was a slow process.  Back then we didn't have the Internet and the technology that we now take for granted but it's only of any use if used effectively so that's why I created a place where players and teachers can communicate.

Whether you are a player just starting out, stuck in a rut or a more experienced player then being part of our community can give you a place to relax and share your thoughts, have access to learning resources and possibly even find a teacher from one of our other members  for some online lessons. I certainly wish I had been able to join something like this when I was starting out both playing and teaching.  

Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre

 Later on when I wanted to become a guitar teacher I was in a similar position except for the fact that my guitar teacher (that I had found after trying many others) had been through a similar experience and encouraged me to pursue a guitar teaching career.  

The first thing I learned was to get into the RIGHT mindset 

You Don't Need Qualifications! 

You hear this everyday with companies that won't even let you in the door if you don't have the right qualifications.  They are so narrow minded that they will end up missing out on a lot of valuable expertise.

Now I'm not saying you can walk into any job without any relevant skills, knowledge and aptitude but when you are only judged on the pieces of paper you have or the letters after your name then that sucks of injustice!

If you are considering teaching guitar then you already play the guitar and feel you have an passion to teach, Right?

You have a skill that others are craving for so therefore you are well equipped to teach and add value to others and charge them for the privilege.

So if you want the support and comradeship of other like minded people and access to an ever growing resource of teaching materials and advice to get you started then we can help!  

Our community is open to Players and Teachers so if you are set up for online lessons then you may even pick up some students.  We can even help you get started with an online setup right here.

Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre

Don't think that our community is just for beginners or those starting out on a teaching career.  Experience players and teachers can also benefit from sharing ideas advanced lessons or pick up online teaching assignments.

You are also welcome if you are into recording music as this can be an integral part of playing or teaching an instrument as well so whether you would like to learn more on this aspect or have something to offer then like our instrument players and teachers your knowledge and expertise will help our community thrive and as a teacher of any of these subjects you could boost your teaching business.  You are all welcome.


What Will I Get For My Subscription?

My Community for Guitar Players and Teachers alike with FREE Access to Lesson Resources


  • 60 Days FREE Access - [Subscribe Before 31st January 2020]
  • Forum to share ideas and experiences with fellow players, teachers or both
  • Players can sign up a teacher for online lessons
  • Teachers can find students who may be interested in online lessons
  • Monthly Q&A Webinar
  • Access to ever increasing learning and teaching resources [Worth another £5.00 Per Month]
  • No Contract [Unsubscribe Anytime]
  • No Money to Pay Now! [Although we take your card details at the time of purchase £5.00 Per Month will be only be deducted from your assigned card after the 60 Day FREE Trial ends unless you unsubscribe before your trial period ends] 

Note: Any private lessons arranged are at the student or teachers own risk.

"Mick Hutton & Do Anything You Wanna Do" hold no responsibility for the quality, pricing, payments and delivery of any privately arranged lessons or courses nor are we responsible for supplying webinar or other mediums to facilitate private lessons.



How Much Does This Cost?

So YOUR Subscription to Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre PLUS! will cost YOU!

JUST £5.00 (GBP) Per Month

(NO CONTRACT and with Nothing to pay for 60 DAYS!)











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