Do Anything You Wanna Do is part of Magic Media Street and focuses on the online tuition and mentoring services including "Imagine Playing & Teaching Guitar" and "Imagine Recording Music"

Services are all related to music in some way and is designed to provide Hints, Tips and Courses to help wannabe musicians achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

There is a mind of information out their and our aim is to make that easier to digest and tailor where possible to individual needs and requirements.

Using this site, email and social media we offer a never ending flow of free content, paid for courses, subscription services and a personal service using skype, facetime and live webinars where applicable and requested.

This is a dynamic venture so if you don't see something you are after then please get in touch as you may well have something we haven't thought of yet.  We want this experience to be very much a two-way partner ship between us and our clients.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions 

Best Wishes

Mick Hutton

Email: [email protected]



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